Website for TESCO Mobile Ireland

The Brief

TESCO Mobile Ireland had a dated customer self-service website which was difficult to use, resulting in a bad user experience. We have been asked to help with a redesign and implementation of the self-service site.

Our Solution

Working closely with the TESCO team, we quickly provided a design concept showing a greatly improved interface. TESCO were impressed by the design and requested it be implemented. Within a 8 week timeframe our team designed, developed and deployed the updated site.

Key Facts

  • Improved navigation and clearer presentation of customer information
  • Overall improved customer experience (measured)
  • Reduced number of customer support calls

Tesco Case Study

Author: Gianna Illenseer

Product Strategy Lead with over 10 years industry experience, helping clients transform their businesses and making sense of their digital ecosystem. She and her team of strategically-minded people define and deliver outstanding user-centric digital experiences and product strategies.