Smartphone App for a brand-new, connected hotel brand

The Brief

Our client is a brand-new hotel/ hostel for Millennials. The concept of the hotel built on the 3 key factors of Artificial Intelligence (IBM Watson) for an outstanding Customer Experience, smart building control, and aspirational modular room design.

We have been asked to come up with a creative for a smartphone application that is pushing the boundaries of innovation whilst addressing our hyper-connected target audience of Millennials with a engaging, social, and fun experience that hasn’t been done as such before.

Our Solution

We developed the ideal customer journey with focus on smart queuing, quality of service and retail environment, and mobile ordering and payment, for both end-user as well as pub staff. Factors of entertainment, rewards, and social engagement were covered consistently across the whole journey/s.

We created a ready-to-execute digital strategy, together with a prioritised product roadmap for a smartphone application for the end-user as well as an iPad application for pub staff. We also defined the functionality for a prototype to test in first pub, ready to take into development.

Key Facts

  • Development of outstanding Customer Experience for end-user by using voice recognition and true personalisation based on context
  • Beautiful interaction design to delight end-user
  • Contextual content for user depending on time and location
  • Use of natural language to increase conversion rates
  • Leverging IBM Watson as center piece to cover cognitive aspirations
  • Optimisation of building utilities and automation of maintenance service to save costs and drive energy efficiency

Hotel Concept

Author: Gianna Illenseer

Product Strategy Lead with over 10 years industry experience, helping clients transform their businesses and making sense of their digital ecosystem. She and her team of strategically-minded people define and deliver outstanding user-centric digital experiences and product strategies.